Inkjet/Digital Photograph Albums
  Handmade Inkjet/Digital Photo Album
Inkjet/Digital Photograph Albums
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For use with inkjet printers, these loose-leaved albums enable you to print your digital photographs directly onto fine art paper. They are the perfect choice for the digital photographer, whether amateur or professional, and are available in two sizes, A4 and A5 landscape.

Handbound in bookcloth and decorative papers, the easy-to-use albums are provided with 15 pages of double sided, acid free, 196gm fine art and photographic paper, as used by museums and galleries. The paper is designed to be compatible with all inkjet printers. Additional pages can be added.


Size: A4 landscape £35 (£42 hand marbled)  
  Size: A5 landscape   £16.50   (£23 hand marbled)  

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