Handmade Inkjet/Digital Photo Album
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Photograph albums are quarter-leather bound and available in four sizes. They are an ideal gift for weddings and other special occasions, as well as making a handsome family album.

Hand sewn using 300gm keaykolour paper in black, navy or holly green. 24 pages in each album; all interleaved with glassine paper (tissue) paper. Handbound in goatskin on the spine and foredge and decorative papers on the front and back covers.

Additional pages, handsewn silk endbands and matching slipcases are optional extras.


Size: 14cm x 19cm £39.95 (£45 hand marbled)  
  Size: 29cm x 25cm   £64.95   (£75 hand marbled)  
  Size: 25cm x 31cm   £79.95   (£90 hand marbled)  
  Size: 30cm x 38cm   £98.95   (£115 hand marbled)  

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