Handmade Inkjet/Digital Photo Album
51 papers to select
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Scrapbooks / Albums are designed to hold photographs, drawings, menus, programmes, labels, jottings etc - memorabilia too precious to throw away.
An ideal gift for all ages.

Handbound in bookcloth and decorative papers. Loose-leaved, containing 24 pages of 300gm keaykolour paper in black, navy or holly green, secured by a cord and tassel. Additional pages can be added to medium and large sizes. Invisible mounts or ordinary glue are recommended for inserting photographs.

Small Size: 14cm x 18cm £12.95 (£16 hand marbled)  
  Medium Size: 25cm x 29cm   £25.00   (£30.00 hand marbled)  
  Large Size: 30cm x 44cm   £34.95   (£45 hand marbled)  

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