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Watercolour Books have been created to suit artists of all levels. Using professional standard, mould made paper, in two weights (180gm and 280gm), the loose-leaved system allows your watercolours to be removed for display or remain protected within durable and attractive covers.

Handbound in bookcloth and decorative papers. The 180gm watercolour book has 36 pages, the 280gm watercolour book has 20 pages. Loose-leaved, secured with a cord and tassel. Additional pages can be added.


Size: 180gm 19cm x 25cm £19.95 (£26 hand marbled)  
  Size: 280gm 27.5cm x 37cm   £19.95   (£26 hand marbled)  

Alison Abel Smith - Decorative Bookbinding and Restoration
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